Maharashtra Talent Search For Standard 2nd, 3rd, 6th & 7th

1 Oct

For Standard 2nd, 3rd, 6th & 7th

         Parents, Teachers & Principals I am very glad to inform you that as because of your insist & request Mr. Subhash Mahajan started MTS Examination  for the 2nd standard student from this year 2012-2013.
        Specially Thanks To Mr. Subhash Mahajan.

Examination Date: 27th January 2013
NoteExamination date may change in the schedule, so requested to Parents keep in contact with centre  incharge  and relevant co-ordinators & also keep reading local New-Papers.
for more information please  Click Here

Format of question paper For 2nd std. MTS Exam :
Language English : Que. no 1 to 25
Mathematics         : Que. no. 26 to 50
Intelligence Test   : Que. no. 51 to 75
Total Question = 75                Total Marks =150

Syllabus of the Exam
Language (1 to 25 Question – 50 Marks)
Que. 1 to 3 Unseen Passage and Questions based on it.
Que. 4 to 6 Unseen Poem and Questions based on it.
Que. 7 to  9 Unseen Conversation and Questions based on it.
Que. 10 to 12 Creating a meaningful Paragraph.
Que.13 to 25 Question based on English Grammar
[ Meaning of Words, Synonyms-Antonyms, One word for the group of words, Phrases, Proverbs, Singular, Plural, Masculine-Feminine-Neuter, Making Meaningful words from letters, Making meaningful sentences from words, Correctly-Incorrectly spelt words, Birds-Animals and their homes, Birds-Animals and their Youngones, Substances-animals and their Sounds]

Mathematics (26 to 50 Question -50 Marks)
1) Reading & Writing numbers
2) Numbers from 1 to 100 & Questions based on it
3) Cardinal numbers & Ordinal Numbers
4) Smaller & Bigger Numbers
5) Even & Odd Numbers
6) Addition
7) Subtraction
8) Line
9) Geometric shapes and figures
10) Measurement of Time
11) Coins and Notes (currency)
12) Counting forward in stages
13) Multiplication
14) Spatial Properties
15) Measurement

Intelligence Test (51 to 75 Question -50 Marks)
1) Comprehension
2) Numbers, Understanding Instructions
3) Classification -Words, Numbers, Diagrams
4) Identifying Sequence
5) Water Image
6) Mirror Image
7) Analogy -numbers, words, diagrams
8) code language
9) Direction
10) Use of Symbols
11) Counting Triangles and Squares
12) Calendar

For National Talent Search Information Click Here

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